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Maia combines heat and massage therapy to instantly —and naturally— reduce bloating. It works by decreasing gut inflammation while also improving digestion and lymphatic drainage.

Its portable and rechargeable design means you can use it anywhere. And the adjustable strap is designed to fit everyone comfortably.


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How it works

uses heat and massage therapy to provide targeted, long-lasting relief for period cramps.
The heat reduces inflammation, increases blood flow, and relaxes muscles, while the massage releases endorphins, the body’s “natural painkillers”.

Key benefits


It’s fast and easy

Bloating strikes at the worst times, like when you’re at work or just before a date.

And that’s why Maia is special. It’s a wearable device that you can use anywhere. And with just a press of a button it starts heating up and massaging you to get rid of bloating in minutes.

02 –

Boost your confidence

It’s hard to face the world when you’re embarrassed about how bloated you are. So you might find yourself canceling plans to avoid it altogether.

Maia boosts your confidence so you can go out and experience the world without being ashamed of the way you look.

03 –

Wear what you like

We’ve all tried to cover up our bloat with unflattering clothes that are probably a few sizes too big for our own good.

Maia takes care of your bloating so you can ditch the bloat-friendly outfits and wear what you actually want to wear.

04 –

Eat freely

The last thing you should be doing is obsessing over what you eat because you’ll get bloated.

Using Maia after a meal helps you digest so you can eat to your heart’s desire without worrying about the consequences.

05 –

Try it risk-free

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, Maia’s 30-day money back guarantee covers you with a 100% refund.

This means you can try Maia for a month, and if your back pain doesn’t improve you get your money back.

Relief in just 3 easy steps.

Put Nia on…

Wrap the device comfortably around your waist, allowing it to rest against your abdomen.
press a button…

With the press of a button, select one of the three available modes to customize your experience..
and relax!

Sit back, relax, and let the gentle combination of heat and massage therapy take care of your bloating.

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Nia for bloating

    Nia for bloating photo review
    Sarah F
    August 5, 2023
    Timed bliss when you need it most My wife will be in tears before she puts it on and within just a few minutes everything turns to Bliss. Great product for when you need it the most.
    Nia for bloating photo review
    Nia for bloating photo review
    Nia for bloating photo review
    August 5, 2023
    Nia has changed my life! Maia is incredible! I can't stop telling my friends and family about this device. It has changed my world around when that time of month comes crashing through.
    Nia for bloating photo review
    Kenneth W
    August 5, 2023
    Love mine so much!... Love mine so much! All these years in pain and now I can relax 😍 definitely recommend.
    Nia for bloating photo review
    August 5, 2023
    My gf loves it I got this for my gf and she loves it. Pretty quick shipping too! She told her best friend about it and she’s also in love so she’ll also be ordering one. 3 modes and pretty good battery! Even comes with a strap extension.
    Nia for bloating photo review
    DEAN T
    August 5, 2023
    Life Saver!!! This device is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I take it everywhere & the heat setting comes in so handy when I'm in public. Huge thank you to Paraxexperts :) P.S The colour is to DIE FOR!
    Nia for bloating photo review
    Akeelah T
    August 5, 2023
    INCREDIBLE so happy it was created. Wow. I am beyond grateful that this product exists!!! My boyfriend surprised me with it and it’s truly incredible. Just great technology and feels really high end!! And also so discreet I haven’t taken it off since he gave it to me and have been wearing it under my hoodie and even wore it to the nail salon! I’m in love and telling everyone to buy. THANK YOU!!!!
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